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A cash bond is the amount of money that must be given to a court of law to secure the release of a defendant from jail while the case against the defendant is pending. Judges order cash bond as an incentive for defendants to show up for court hearings and their trial. If they fail to appear they lose the cash bond. Judges typically require higher cash bonds for more serious charges.


A type of bond that is secured by the indemnitors pledge of a specific asset, which is a form of collateral on the loan. In the event of a default, the indemnitor passes title of the asset or the money that has been set aside onto the bondholders.


Unlike some of the other companies, you will not be turned down because your bail bond amount is small. We value all of our clients and treat our clients with the respect they deserve even if it is a small bond other companies may turn down.
Dano's Bail Bonds is well established and can handle any of your bonding needs. Do not hesitate to call, we will be happy to discuss your options and get the process started quickly.


Dano's Bail Bonds will discuss payment options with you to find something that may work so you can complete your bail process.